Sunday, November 29, 2009

Calibrate your thermometer

Here's a very quick tip that will help you in the kitchen. To check to see if your meat thermometer is working properly, heat water to boiling point (212 degrees Farenheit).. and insert the probe into about two inches of water. If the thermometer doesn't register 212 there's no need to throw it away. Simply subtract the difference of what your thermometer registers from 212.. and then use your thermometer knowing that it's 'off' by this amount of degrees.

Example:  Your thermometer reads 200 when inserted into boiling water.... it's off by 12 degrees.  You are preparing a recipe that must have an internal temperature of 170...

So, when your thermometer reads 158 degrees F you are there.  (170 degrees F required temperature less 12 degrees difference in your register = 158 degrees F). Make sense?

Thanks for stopping by... I hope you will check out this quick tip.

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