Saturday, January 2, 2010

Chicken Cutlets

We eat a lot of boneless, skinless chicken breasts in our house. I used them in curries,  white chili, stir fries, and more. I buy so MANY pounds when they are on sale, vacuum seal and freeze them, and then use them in so many recipes. They are VERY economical and there's virtually no waste.

But one of our favorites is simply chicken cutlets with a bit of pasta on the side. My mom showed me this trick to making the perfect chicken cutlet. Up until then I was pounding the hell out of the chicken breasts. But there's no need to. My sister calls these scallopine style.

I simply place the chicken breasts on a cutting board and thinly cut each breast half horizontally until I have about four or five thin slices... I promise there's absolutely no need to pound these - save your energy for the eating part!!

Here's a few pictures of how this chicken breast became ten pieces of chicken cutlets.

Right out of the package...

cut in half and trimmed of fat...

Then, create thin slices cut horizontally by holding your left hand over the cutlet and slicing through carefully below the palm of your hand.

to get these wonderful thin slices. Just continue until you have several cutlets

here's the lineup...cut them into strips and you have chicken tenders...

I dip them in flour, then a slightly beaten egg (or two) with 2 T. of water, and then into seasoned bread crumbs that I added about a 1/8 cup of grated parmesan cheese...

then, a quick dip into the olive or canola oil spa that I brought to medium heat.. I never said I was a neat cook, did I? But then again, black granite shows everything.. look at that mess!

They cook really fast.. so don't turn your back! Turn once they are golden on the first side...

Here's the first batch...
And believe it or not, there are ten wonderful cutlets from one pound of chicken breasts. You could also do this with boneless, skinless chicken thighs if you prefer dark meat.
This is one of our favorites.. and often it's the basis for chicken parmagiana or some other creation of mine! Stay tuned as I'll share a few recipes of how I take chicken cutlets up a few notches.

Try cutlets this way... the possibilities are endless and I think you will really like them! They are easy-peasy!


  1. Are you sure we weren't separated at birth? We have so many things in common. My mom taught me the same chicken trick, and we had your "beef mix" (made with Jenny-O Italian style ground turkey) over spaghetti squash last night. That mix as been a favorite for years.

    I'm off to Rye for a week on the 13th. I'll walk the Playland Boardwalk and take some pics for you (if it isn't freezing out). Love the new blog. hugs to you pal, eileen

  2. Now this looks yummy.. I didn't even know you had this part of your blog but I will visit more often.. Great recipe here..

  3. Peggy,
    Tried these today and they were wonderful. Of course by the time the boys got done eating they were all gone. This will be a favorite for us.


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